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Download our 2012 candidate package – .ZIP file

Note: Candidates for Indiana Legislative office must file a Statement of Economic Interest with the Indiana House or Senate clerk before June 20th. They are not available online. Candidates for Congress and US Senate also havefinancial disclosure forms obtained by the chamber’s clerk. The LPIN Executive Director can walk you through these processes.

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Helpful Books when Running for Office

• Running for Office: The Strategies, Techniques and Messages Modern Political Candidates Need to Win Election by Ronald A. Faucheux
• All Politics Is Local: And Other Rules of the Game by Tip O’Neill
• Winning Elections: Political Campaign Management, Strategy, and Tactics by Ronald A. Faucheux
• The Campaign Manager: Running and Winning Local Elections by Catherine Shaw
• How to Win a Local Election How to Win a Local Election by Lawrence Grey
• Campaign Boot Camp: Basic Training for Future Leaders by Christine Pelosi