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Libertarian Philosophy and Think Tanks

Libertarian Party Platform
Libertarian Party Issues
The Mises Institute
The Cato Institute
Foundation for Economic Education
The Future of Freedom Foundation
The Independent Institute
The Institute for Justice
Reason Foundation
The Heartland Institute
Institute for Humane Studies

Libertarian News Outlets

Reason Magazine Online
Liberty Unbound
Independent Political Report
Last Free Voice
Libertarian Intelligence
Next Free Voice
Young Americans for Liberty

Indiana Libertarian Blogs and Websites

Kole Hard Facts
Hoosiers for Fair Taxation
Justice and Fortitude – Timothy J. Maguire’s Blog
Libertarian Party of Allen County
Mark W. Rutherford’s Electing Libertarians – For Real Change and True Hope
Schansblog – Eric Schansberg’s Blog
The Facts Were These – Chris Spangle’s Blog
The Bell Curve – Rex Bell’s Blog
We Declare – Andy Horning’s Blog
William Larson’s Blog
Atlas Liberty
Lower Taxes to the Ground
Ed Angleton Rants
Daily Kenn
Shephard on Politics and Policy – Sean Shephard’s Blog
Stop Taking Soma!
Uncivil Defense – M.R. Jarrell’s Blog
Ward of the State – Chris Ward’s Blog

A Complete List of Indiana Blogs Through Google Reader – Over 270 Feeds
A Complete List of Indiana Libertarian Blogs Through Google Reader – Over 40 Feeds

National Libertarian Blogs and Websites

Economic Policy Institute
Library of Economics and Liberty
Downsize DC
Campaign for Liberty
Break the Matrix
Lew Rockwell’s LRC
Marginal Revolution
Neal Boortz
The Liberty Papers
United Liberty
John Stossel

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