Political Activism 101 – Letter Writing

I was once told by a State Senator: … we are always going to keep the squeaky wheels in our mind, but we have to hear them squeak first.   Writing a letter to your elected representative is an established and effective way to get your point across.  Done in concert with others, it is one of the most effective ways of moving an elected official.   A letter need not be long, or a work of art.  As a matter of fact, the shorter and more specific the better, as it is far more likely to be read.  Experts recommend it be no longer than 1500 words, and most are often quite shorter.  Always maximize your effort and emphasize your position by asking for a written reply.   Here are several resources to help you with your letters: Communicating with Elected Officials – Congress.org Three Tips for Letter Writers – Media Awareness Project Letters to Leaders at Congress.org – Actual letters processed at congress.org. Wide variety. Hints for communicating with congress – Congress Merge How to Write Letters to Elected … Continue reading

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LPIN Candidate Package

I’ve put together a package for Libertarian candidates in Indiana. The rules for a Libertarian in Indiana are totally different than R’s and D’s, and many clerks may not know the laws and procedures that we follow. Also, most of our candidates are running for the first time, and are not full time candidates. This is almost every file you’ll need to get started, as well as some explanations of our process. View it here. While this is for Indiana, other states could copy this to help their candidates start on the right foot. Tweet

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